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Please understand that this item/items will not bolt on / stick on to the car by itself.

Slight modifications will be necessary. These modifications may vary by different models.

You are watching a high quality product. one of the best in price&quality range.

Please read carefully and understand it before you buy:

The product you bought is a high quality copy ( replica ) which combines excellent quality for very af Fordable value ( reasonable price )

This product is made from GFK a variety of fiberglass, more elastic and stronger

This product is made in European Union according to highest manufacturing standards

Please pay attention that all products ARE NOT painted, color coded or prepared for direct paint ( unless you requested a paint job ). On the surface of the product might be visible small cracks ( which will be removed preparing the product for painting )

Once the item is received, please examine package and a product for visible transportation damaged, if found so please immediately contact us to resolve that issue !

Before installation the product please do a test fit to find out how it should be installed (feel free to ask assistance from us )

Please remember that product should be primed and painted

Once the product is painted, please install it and use experience from test fit ( or with our assistance ) and please remember that sometimes installation should be done by a skilled professional.

For installation we recommend to use adhesive SIKA products. SIKA FLEX 527AT or analogues ( not supplied with a product, sold separately ) and sometimes you will need your friend’s help, also you will need a scotch tape to fasten the product for a period shown by adhesive’s manufacturer

If the connections are provided on the product – the nuts and bolts must be bought separately and you must drill the holes to install the product

All kits are sold as unfinished products, prep-work (i.e. sanding, cutting, filling, body work and primer) and painting is required for the best finished look. Items come in gray primer. Professional shop with body kit installation experience recommended.

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