Harley 6″ Trendsetter Saddlebag LED Fender Kit – Dual Cut Outs Dual 6×9″ Speaker

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Harley Davidson 6″ Trendsetter Extended Saddlebag And LED Fender Kit – Dual Cut Out Exhausts Dual 6X9″ Speaker Lids
LED Tail Lights factory recessed into the fender with turn signals, brake & parking lights, this package includes the fender with LED’s as pictured.

Our Latest design, these bags are 6″ down and approximately 10.5″ out with angled cuts. These bags are wider than the 2014 – 2023 models, the set comes with our own custom lids (slightly modified 2014 – 2023 lids) to fit both the 2013 down latch kits and 2014 – 2023 !!!!

We are the first ones to innovate and come out with a set of bags that can fit both types of latches! here are a few scenario’s that are available with these bags so you can fully understand the coolness of this product:

You have a 2010 SG, you want to use the new 2014 – 2023 one touch style latches, and want the look of the wider backend including bags and lids but don't want to fork out just yet the money for the new style latches and still want to use your current 2010 model latches……This set does just that!!!! With minor body work you can always upgrade to those 2014 – 2023 latches later on without buying a whole new set of bags and fender.

Another scenario, you have a 2005 RG and want to get the new 2014 – 2023 latches, 2014 – 2023 wider body bags and lids, this setup will work right out of the box! bolt it on and combine it with our 2014 – 2023 one latch kit (P/N ACC004) get your whole backend looking like a brand new RG!!!!
Or Bolt these right up to your 2014 – 2023 Touring bike!

Please specify at checkout what year bike you have so we can send you the appropriate fender for your bike, as well as we will preinstall the adapter kit to the bags if you are using a touring bike that is 2013 and below. Please also let us know which latch kit you intend to use with these bags unless you are purchasing our one touch latch kit Acc004. These bags are fully compatible with all OEM and aftermarket Harley latch kits from all years.

Latches & Latch kits are not included with the product and are shown in the pictures for illustration purposes only. These bags will work on all Touring bikes from 1989 until 2023 this includes: Road King, Street Glide, Road Glide, Ultra Glide, Electra Glides….
prep and bodywork is needed prior to paint, mockup is necessary on the bike before paint as these are unfinished.. Made of 3 layers of quality fiberglass, this is a handmade item, designed, tested, fitted and produced here in the USA!