Harley-Davidson Road King Motorcycle Fairing Batwing Fiberglass 4 Speaker

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Fiberglass is made by combining resin with woven glass mat that is then hand laid and sculpted into the desired shape.

Afterwards, the product is either covered with a primer or sealed with a protective gelcoat.

ABS plastic is not as tough as fiberglass. If it is cracked or damaged, repairs are difficult, costly, and rarely return the plastic to its original state. Fiberglass, however, is not only more durable than ABS, but repairs to it can also be easily completed by almost anyone.

Which is the better material to make motorcycle fairings more durable and longer-lasting: primer or gelcoat. Many of our competitors merely cover their fairings with primer. Using a compound similar to that which is used on countless aircraft, we seal ours with a protective gelcoat. In addition to providing a high-quality gloss finish to fiberglass, gelcoat also aids in its resistance to impact and ultra violet degradation caused by exposure to sunlight. Given these properties of gelcoat, it is a fair assessment that what is good enough for aircraft is great for motorcycles.

Before you buy any fairing, first consider all the expenses related to your purchase. The work that must be done to prepare a primed fairing for painting requires much more time and expertise than that needed to paint a gelcoat fairing. As a result, the overall amount that you will spend on the initial price of the fairing, prep work, and painting should be taken into consideration. We caution you to first consult a professional painter before purchasing a primed fairing. Otherwise, you may pay too much.

· Sleek Aerodynamic design
· Fits HD Road King 1994 to present and FLHTC Electra Glide Classic
· Both Inner and Outer Pieces Included
· Accommodates 4 – 5 ¼” Round Speakers (depending on model)
· Heavy - Duty Construction
· Protective Gelcoat
- Similar to compounds used on marine craft and aircraft
- Battles ultraviolet degradation
- NOT a primer like the competitor uses
· Paintable
· FREE Windshields Included - 1 each clear and tinted
· True Hand Laid Fiberglass (not chopper gun) – lighter and STRONGER than plastic

NOTE: The brackets provided are designed to fit the widest possible range of bikes. Please note that, in some instances, you may be required to drill new bracket mounting holes in the fairing, use washers as shims or even purchase additional aftermarket mounting brackets.