License Plate Screw Caps Carbon Fiber Pattern for Matching and Gift Plate 24 Kit

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【PERFECT MATCH CARBON FIBER FRAME】: Carbon fiber frame screw caps are also amazing performance. With a true carbon fiber license plate frame, more beautiful and more beautiful. For BMW, Audi, Lexus, Mercedes, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and other brands of super sports cars, this is the best choice
【NO RUST PLATE SCREW】:License Plate Frame Fastener (1/4 "x3 / 4"), Suitable for most domestic car and truck license plate holes. Non-corrosive, no rust and long service life, to solve the problem of too large installation hole of other license plate frames
【EASY TO INSTALL】: Screw cap for carbon fiber license plate frame, Easy to install, just replace the black nut, chrome, white license plate screw cap. More fine-edged carbon fiber license plate frames, Please search shop: "AOOTF", New Slim-Style Design. Will Not Block State Tags
【QUALITY ASSURANCE】:Plastic ABS material, surface carbon fiber pattern printing, Outer layer resin paint protection.Can withstand the cold and the hot sun, Need to follow the instructions correctly installed, Car wash will not fall off.304 stainless steel plate screws will never rust, protect the license plate frame and body from corrosion