Round Bag (Large) – Komodo

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  • Measurements: 25 cm x 7 cm (Diameter 25 cm)
  • Materials: Ata Grass and Leather
  • Metal and Leather Button Closure
  • Assorted Batik Lining, which differs from bag to bag (100% cotton)


About the bag

Our unique looking large round bag "Komodo" ('Komodo' is an Indonesian island) combines traditional techniques and new fashion to complement your look. This bag keeps your phone, large wallet and sunglasses stylishly safe. It is light and convenient, hence perfect for getaways, sunset strolls or city tours. Gorgeous to wear whatever adventure is awaiting you.

How is it made?

It starts with the selection of the right branches and leaves. After these natural materials have been properly prepared, they are handwoven into the requested shape. Once the bags have been woven and sun-dried, they are put into a special oven and smoked over coconut husks to receive their distinctive colour.

This explains the smoky smell that some bags might still have, however, this specific scent fades over time. 

Finally, a unique Batik lining is sewn into the bag.

SAYA supports Indonesian Artisans

Each bag is carefully hand-crafted by our talented artisans, who are adequately rewarded for their incredible work.

We are proud to collaborate with local communities and let ourselves be inspired by fascinating cultures, to create unique accessories for the wild-hearted away from mass-production and the mainstream.

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