Wing Spoiler For Razor Pizza Box Tour Pack / Pak

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Add that edgy look to your tour pack or razor tour pack! This is a fiberglass unit that bolts on to your current box. This is the wing / spoiler only does not come with the tour pack.
It comes in primer gray, as with all fiberglass items, Body work including filler, sanding and cutting will be necessary for mock up and paint.

This is a 100% fiberglass unit made here in the USA. These are the thick, heavy duty units made by us.

You will need to sand, prep, minor filler, mockup, primer & paint before installing as these are unfinished. All items pictured are included in this listing. These do not include hardware. Stock Harley hardware will fit. Don’t buy those cheap abs/plastic units that crack with vibration and break with the smallest mishap, you won’t be able to fix them if you lay your bike down. These units are made out of hand laid fiberglass, they are thick and durable and forgiving in case of an accident or incident. The listings is for 1 set only and does not include the bike!
All Items are made in high quality hand laid fiberglass, these are not mass produced cheap and flimsy units, they are thick and better quality than factory.